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About Bemidji

We get asked all the time – why do we live here?

For us – we couldn’t imagine living anyplace else.

We hunt, we fish, we enjoy the outdoors. To us – Bemidji is amazing.

What Bemidji is most associated with, is of course, Paul Bunyan.

Art Lee created the story that the folkloric figure Paul Bunyan came from the Northwoods. Tales about Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox led to public sculptures of them in the 1930s.

According to Discover America, the Paul and Babe statues are “the second most photographed statues in America,” surpassed only by Mount Rushmore.

The Rotarians of Bemidji commissioned the statue of Paul Bunyan during the Great Depression as a tourist attraction. It was unveiled on January 15, 1937, to kick off a Winter Carnival that drew more than 10,000 visitors. A fictionalized version of the statue was featured prominently in a scene in the movie Fargo (inaccurately claiming it was outside of Brainerd.)

Today Bemidji is an important educational, governmental, trade and medical center for north central Minnesota. The wood industry is still a significant part of the local economy, with Georgia-Pacific, Potlatch, and Northwood Panelboard all having waferboard plants in the local area. 

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Bemidji is a unique town, full of hidden gems. Situated in some of the most beautiful country to be found, we have carved out a thriving business that offers the work/life balance that most companies talk about but never deliver. We work hard and enjoy the best nature has to offer in our time off. We couldn’t ask for anything more.