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Our on-call fueling service will have you flying in no time. We are a proud distributor of Phillips 66 fuel and participate in the WingPoints reward program. We ensure the integrity of our fuel stock by participating in NATA’s Safety 1st program and have been recognized by both Phillips and NATA for our dedication and service throughout our 70+ years of operating.

Fuel Prices

Fuel TypeCash PriceCredit Card Price
100-LL (Avgas)6.196.24
JET-A (Pre-blended FSII)5.565.61
$0.71 per 1000 lbs Gross Landing Wt. fees cannot be waived by purchasing fuel. City fuel flow $0.06/gal included in prices.

Phillips Jet A contains pre-mixed Anti-icing/Biocidal additive (FSII) meeting the specification requirements of PFA-55MB.

All prices are per gallon & prices are subject to change without notice. We attempt to keep this site updated with our current prices, but prices at the base could differ from what is listed here.

Phillips Card same as cash price.

Facility Fees

Aircraft TypeFee Mini Fuel (Gals)
Piston$ 30.0050
Turboprop$ 40.0075
Turbine$ 50.00100
Facility fees are waived if minimum fuel purchase made.

After Hours/Holiday Line Services

When possible, please pre-arrange any After hours/Holiday call-in’s in advance with our main office during normal business hours by calling (218) 751-1880.

After hours callout: $200.00

Holiday callout: $250.00

Add-ons: 50% of above rates each aircraft

Add-ons are when a customer arranges to get fuel/services at the same time that a line person is already scheduled to attend to an after hours or holiday event.

Holidays are days we are closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Day

AFTER HOURS or Holiday line service
This number is to be used outside of normal business hours:

218-556-5805   (Callout Fees Apply) 

Leave Your Phone Number, We'll Call You!